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  • What areas do you pick up and drop off to?
    We operate throughout the Greater Hobart Area and continue to expand our range. We currently pick up from Huonville to New Norfolk and all across the Eastern Shore out to Sorell.
  • Do I need to be home for pick up/drop off?
    No, during our meet and greet you can show us where to pick up and drop your dog off to. We have secure key storage if you would like your dog returned to inside.
  • What time will my dog be picked up and dropped off?
    Pick up times vary depending on the order of pick ups but they usually range between 8am and 10am. Drops offs usually range between 1pm and 3pm.
  • What is the price of adventures?
    1-2 Dog Adventures per week: $70 (per adventure) 3-5 Dog Adventures per week: $65 (per adventure) Two dogs from the same household: 1-2 Dog Adventures per week: $130 (per adventure) 3-5 Dog Adventures per week: $120 (per adventure)
  • Can I book a one-off or fortnightly adventure?
    No, we only offer a weekly, ongoing booking. This allows each of our pack members to settle into the pack and have awesome adventures with their friends.
  • Where do you adventure?
    We adventure on blocks of private land we have exclusive access to. Each block has multiple dams for swimming and running around and great places for sniffing.
  • I'm not confident in my dog's recall, can they join the pack?
    Each dog is different and most dogs prefer to stick where all the fun is happening - which is right where we are! It's a good idea if you are unsure to complete our enrolment form and we can discuss it at our meet and greet. We use longlines and GPS trackers until we are confident in a dog's recall.
  • My dog hasn't been desexed, can they still join the pack?
    Yes, we provide honest, ongoing feedback on your dogs suitability which can change due to age and hormones.
  • What happens in the case of an emergency?
    In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will immediately notify you. If veterinary assistance is needed, we will take your dog to your nominated vet, or, depending on the circumstances, to the nearest possible one.
  • Will my dog get muddy?
    That's up to your dog! Some dogs seek out mud while others like to keep their paws clean. At the end of the adventure we will towel down and brush your dog.
  • Do you use electric collars, slip leads or aversive methods?
    Absolutely not! We treat your dogs like family and use only positive reinforcement techniques. Our goal is to give your dogs a safe and happy adventure. Please note we use GPS collars on some dogs which can look similar to electric collars but have no shock capability.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    We provide the best adventures whatever the weather! We are an all-weather service, so we adventure in rain, hail or shine – and in Hobart, we know that all of these can occur on any given day!
  • Do you operate on weekends and public holidays?
    No, Muddy Paws Pack Adventures does not normally operate on weekends and Public Holidays.

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