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Running, sniffing, playing and zooming with their mates - adventures are every dog's dream day!


Dog adventures are designed to let dogs be dogs! They'll burn some energy before being returned home happily exhausted and ready for belly rubs when you walk in the door.

Your dog will be picked up from your home or work in our custom fitted adventure van and taken to some of our favourite adventure spots with their buddies.


They'll enjoy at least two hours of swimming, running, sniffing and playing with their friends. Each pack is carefully curated to ensure every dog loves their adventure day.

Don't worry you won't have to miss the fun! We'll take plenty of awesome photos and videos for you to brighten up your day.

At the end of the adventure we load up the pack, towel down any muddy paws and drop them all home, happily dreaming of their next adventure.

Adventures require a regular weekly booking to ensure they settle into the pack environment.​

Pricing (per adventure):

1-2 Dog Adventures per week: $70

3-5 Dog Adventures per week: $65

Two dogs from the same house:

1-2 Dog Adventures per week: $130

3-5 Dog Adventures per week: $120


How to Join

Step 1


Please complete our enrolment form and if you have any questions jump over to our FAQs page.

Step 2

Meet and Greet

Once we receive your enrolment form we'll be in touch by email to organise a meet and greet at your place so we can get to know each other, confirm pick up and drop off requirements and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 3

Unleash the Adventure!

Once we have met your dog and decided on a pack we think they will love they'll be adventuring! You can watch them running, swimming, sniffing and playing with their new best friends!

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