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We know how important your best friend's happiness is to you so we have a range of options to suit your needs. We'll be there to pick up your pal and give them the best adventure so you'll come home to a happy dog. 

Our services run in rain, hail or shine and we know that in Hobart, all of these can occur on any given day! 

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Dog Adventures

Your dog is picked up in our adventure van and together with some doggy pals will enjoy at least an hour of running, wrestling, swimming and sniffing on some of Hobart's best tracks and trails. 

Dog adventures are designed to get your dog out with other dogs to improve social skills, find new smells and burn some energy before they are returned home happily exhausted.

Adventures require a regular weekly booking to ensure they settle into the pack environment.

Adventure walk (door to door) - $65

Two dogs (same house, same day) - $120

Puppy Socialisation

Your puppy is picked up in our adventure van and taken to a safe spot where they'll play with other pups and explore new sights and smells on Hobart's trails and beaches. 

Puppy adventures are designed to improve social skills and obedience and are great for burning puppy energy!

Adventures require a regular weekly booking.

Puppy socialisation adventure (door to door) - $65

Two puppies (same house, same day) - $120

Pet Sitting
(In Your Home)

When you're going away on human adventures and need to leave your pet at home overnight we provide pet sitting for all types of furry friends.


Wedding Concierge

Much of our happiness as a couple can be attributed to our “fur”-babies, so you'll want them there on your big day. 

We will take care of your dog for the day, including transporting them to the venue and tending to their needs throughout the nuptials so you can concentrate on your other special someone.

When the time comes we will take them away before their curfew and tuck them up into bed.


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