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Having your other special someone at your wedding will make your big day all the more wonderful

They're the first name you'd want to have on your guest list but the logistics of having your dog at your wedding can be tricky - that's where we come in!

Each wedding is unique, you may want a dog of honour to come down the aisle or simply for your dog to be present for professional photos - what ever your vision we can help make it happen.


On your day you can relax knowing your dog will be totally looked after, from the pre wedding walk to avoid any accidents on the aisle, to assisting photographers to get those perfect doggy shots and everything in between, our wedding concierge service takes care of it all.

While we don't want them to totally steal the limelight, we'll make sure your dog is looking and feeling their best so that their day is just as happy and memorable as yours.

When the time comes we will tuck them into bed ready to start a new day with their favourite people.

For a quote and availability please complete our enquiry form.

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